Valley Medical Center is one of many healthcare systems and pharmacies that continue to be impacted by a vendor network disruption. We have regained the ability to process prescriptions at our pharmacy locations with a few exceptions. We continue to have limited ability to process copay assistance cards. Thank you for your patience as we continue to work to help as many people as we can until the issue is resolved.

Due to high levels of seasonal illness in our community, we strongly recommend wearing a mask in our hospital and clinics. See our patient visitor policy.



Questions? Please contact: 

Carrie Murayama, Manager of
Philanthropy and Volunteer Services,
or call 425.690.5956.

Caring for Our Community Like Family

From our inception in 1911 as Bronson Hospital located in a two-story house near downtown Renton to the creation of Public Hospital District No. 1 in 1947, to the relocation to a building lovingly known as the "wagon wheel" and subsequent relocation in the 1960's to our current home, Valley has deep roots in our local community, caring for generations of patients and families in South King County.

Today, Valley is a major medical center and clinic network, housing a 341-bed hospital, a network of more than 50 primary, urgent and specialty care clinics and an array of outreach and wellness programs across South King County. We have remained true to our public hospital mission to care for all comers regardless of ability to pay and are dedicated to ensuring we serve all populations within our diverse community with respect and compassion.

Valley serves 600,000 community members, delivering nearly 4,000 babies annually and treating 90,000 community members through our Emergency Department & Level III Trauma Center, making us one of the busiest ED's on the west coast.

Help Us Continue to Meet the Needs of Our Community
Valley continually works to care for our community by improving access to high-quality care for all and optimizing and/or expanding vital programs and services. Your gift will help ensure we can adapt and grow to meet emerging needs and allow us to better serve the residents who call South King County home.

We invite you to learn more about all of our areas of support at Valley!

Your Gift is Tax Deductible
Valley Medical Center, also known as Public Hospital District No. 1 of King County, is a 501(c)(3) organization. All gifts are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Our federal tax identification number is 91-6000986.

With tremendous heartfelt gratitude we recognize those who have supported
Valley Medical Center in caring for our community like family.

98point6 Inc Delta Dental Washington Renton Art & Glass Studio
Alliant Employee Benefits Epic Systems Corporation Renton History Museum Fairwood Lions Club Smoking Monkey Pizza
American Solutions for Business GenCare Lifestyle, Inc Starbucks - Cedar River Station
Animal Hospital of Renton LLC GLY Construction, Inc. Starbucks Corporation
Associated Emergency Physicians Highline College Stwan & Company Advertising, Inc.
Barbara F Johnson Charitable Gift Fund Hyatt Regency Lake Washington The Boeing Company
Boon Boona Coffee IKEA The Present Place
Brotherton Cadillac Lajoye Cellars The Vitality Group, LLC
Candor Coffee Mariblu Southcenter Toys for Tots - Fort Lewis
CBRE, Inc. Martin Medical Tumor Institute Radiation Oncology Group, LLP (TIROG)
Chateau, LLC Meaningful Actions Valley Auto Clinic, Inc.
Chihuly Studio Microsoft Corporation Valley Girls & Guys
Colby's Corral NAMI South King County VIET-WAH Group
D&J Shipping Co. Nuance Communications, Inc. Vino at the Landing
Dell Technologies, Healthcare & Life Science NW University Mark and Huldah Buntain College of Nursing Volunteers in Action
    Walker's Renton Subaru Mazda

Ada Cohen Greg Pecheos Mara Barrios
Agnes Kim Gregory Even Maria Cook
Ahnetta Fields, AuD Gretchan Kion volz Maria Dakan
Alex Shockey Heather Maine Mary Callahan
Alisa Miller Heather Mosley Mary Vanhoomissen
Alison Ryan Heidi Vanderlaan Matthew Mulder, MD
Amanda Halverson Heidie Furin Matthew Ng
Amanda Lawson Hiroshi Nakano Mekdy Hailemichael
Amanda Tjossem Holly Copeland Melaine Shaner
Amber Henley Holly Sheldon Linnea Swanson Bragg & Gary Rogers
Amy Lindeman Inger Goranson Melinda Radtke
Amanda & Michael Martel James Powers Liz & James Nolan
Angela Johnnie James Renz Lynda Goldsmith & Scott Morris, MD
Ann Njenga Jill & Tony Cappetto Michael Hori, MD
Anna Andres Jamie LaNoue Michael Roberson
Anna Tkachuk Jamie Leviton Madeline & Brian Estey
Antonia Lavelle Jan Cooke Michele Forgues Lackie
Amy & Paul McElroy Janelle Eldridge, DO Michelle Chinn
Ashley Brown Janet Baisch Michelle Konopaski
Avneet Kaur Janet Ives Michelle Racz
Baljinder Hans Janet Taitingfong Michelle Warfield
Barbara Aregger Janice Lo, DO Minh-Tuan Hoang
Barbara Conner Janyce Kulpa Mitsuko Akiyama
Barbara Ziegler Joan & James Hasselman Nadine Joy
Becky Lyons Dills Jasmine Rosario Nancy Eveleth
Benjamin Mansell Jeanine Packard Nancy MacCrae
Beth Mayovsky Jeannine Erickson Grinnell Natalie Cruz
Betty Jordan Joanne & Rick Kilcup Natalie Morgan-Romain
Betty Reid Jennifer Arkills Nathan Eikenberry
Ann & Perry Fleming Jennifer Dressing Nathan Jacobs
Beverly Nuamah Jennifer Kay Natnael Seyoum
Bill Judd Jennifer Koeppel Melanie & Matthew Robinson
Bobby Lindsey Jennifer McCoy Nicole Bono
Brenda Doss Jennifer Spotted Horse Novae Simper, MD
Brenda Latsch Jerome Hill Pamela Mansfield
Brenda Running Jessica Hua Patrianne Domingo
Ashley & Lance Leasure Jessica Storaasli Patricia Oberg
Bevel & Patty Hoffpauir Joell & Rick Teal Patrick Czaplicki
Bryan Graham Jim Kumpula Patty Cashman
Caren Fisher Kanika & Navanshu Arora, MD Peggy Murayama
Carla Sellers Jodie Abinoja Michele Despreaux, MD & Larry Healey
Carlanna Livingstone Jody Carlson Phyllis Smith
Carol Barber Joe Wills Priscilla Middleton
Carole Fallstead Karen & Terry Wissinger Rayne Holmes
Brianne & Kyle Stevens Joellen Johnson Rebecca Snider
Carrie Campbell Jon Neher Rhonda Jacobs
Carrie Youngblood Judith Hamilton Norma & Garth Cooper
Chermaine Wulff Judith Puzon Richard Grosvenor
Cherryl Boston Judith Sirrine Richard Ward
Cheryl Maiorano Julie Hall Robert Kelly
Cheryl Meckley Kalen Privatsky Roland Takami
Chou Sa Ngoun Karen Hansen Ronald Ajax
Carrie & Martin Murayama Kate & David Pirrung Ronica Dennis
Christina Lopinto Karin Edenholm Ronna Mahlen
Christina Threlkeld Kate Casey Samantha Johnson
Cindy Goforth Kathleen Lucier Sandra Duran
Cory Downey Katrina Ashlock Sandra Powers
Cynthia Dold Kawailani Kaneali'i Sandra Webb
Cynthia Puente Keith Leung, MD Sarah Benton
Dana Neuts Kendra Hahn Sarah Ford
Daniel Brelsford, MD Kevin Herlihy Shahina Banthanavasi
Daniel Herman Kim Nett Shannon Huffaker
Daniel Simon Kim Petram Sharel Miller
Danielle Satow Kimberley Herner, MD Sharon Felton
David Escher Kimberly Back Shawnice Simms
David Showalter Kimberly Fernandez-Jones Shay Anderson
David Smith Kimberly Higgins Shelley Olson
Christina & Kenneth Chapman Kimberly Smits Shelly Webb
Debbie & Mark Bentley Kimberly Unti Sherlynn Moyer
Deborah Buchwach Kirsten Warmington Shirley McCafferty
Deborah Harris Kirstin Sellers Staci Lyons
Dessa de Castro-Williams Kris Atkisson Stefani Babcock
Diana Orr Kris Nakanishi Stephanie Cootsona
Diane Guglielmetti Kristen Volcke Stephanie Newsom
Dianne Johnson Kristi Hemphill Stephen Lan
Dilyara Bacon Kristin Bidwell Sandra & William Cunningham
Donna Richardson Renberg Kristina Monk Susan Hori
Drew Hunt Kristina Pressley Susan Jouflas
Edith & Bradley Johnson Kristine Nicholson Suzanne Barringer
Eileen Mayer Kristine-Mae Haidinyak Tamerra Inslee
Eimantas Sluskonis Krysta Koenig Tara Lanz
Elaine Liu Lara Wilmore Tara Sullivan
Elaine Skene Laura Fuentes Terry Bergener
Elisha Jensen Laura George Terry Lynch
Elizabeth Speakman Laura Martin Theresa Braungardt
Eileen & Glenn Tamai Lauren DeShazo Tiffany Grant
Ellen Breiten Kay & Richard Inslee Todd Bateson
Epigenio Gano Linda Pristas Tracy McKay
Erin Aboudara Lindsey Randall Tracy Watanabe
Estrella Gano Lindy Dillingham, PharmD Ulf Goranson, PhD
Elizabeth & Evan Inslee Leah Foley & Michael Hickey Vicki Kennerud
Frank Castro Jr Lisa Bors Vicky Lin
Frank Ho Lisa Dyrdahl Wayne Dong
Fred and Patty Struck Lisa Gillin Sharyl & Steve Blomquist
Frederick Stockwell Lisa Rogers Wendy Fletcher
Jasmine & Amanda Walia Liz Juhnke Wendy La Cava
Gavin Siu Lori Richardson Wendy & Jon Nagasawa
Gayle Jewett Loris Kudela Yeshiemebet Asress
Geraldine Walker-Johns Louis Lim Zachary Archibald
Gina Vinson Leeayra & Christina Piccini Anonymous 61
Jessica & Jeff Roach Madelaine Maratita  

Valley Made a Hard Journey Easier

Thankful for her remarkable outcome after a serious breast cancer diagnosis last year and treatment where she experienced “more caring people in one place” than she’d ever imagined, Debbie hosted a cancer-focused fundraiser at her ranch to support others navigating cancer at Valley.